"Steps-PS" Food Insecurity Project

The proposal is to prevent childhood obesity. This is a collaborative effort among our school district, the La Joya ISD and the UTRGV. This collaboration will address the high rates of childhood obesity along the Texas-Mexico border.  The proposed grant will bring funds to improve the health of elementary school children.  Because of its coordinatoed approach, the program proposes to work with school administrators, teachers, food service staff, parent liaisons, students and particulary, parents.  The intervention consists of health class, physical education, food service and parent workshops through the Bienstar/NEEMA curriculum. The school food service curriculum is the Bienstar Chlid Nutrition & School Food Service, Eat to Live   (The well-being) A school diabetes prevention program.
Start Date: 06/01/2020 end Date: 07/30/2020
SAHRC as Fiscal Agent: The Social and Health Research Center (501(c) (3) Principal investigator: Dr. Roberto Trevino
   =$6,400 Year 1 PSJA ISD to receive as a Sub Award over 3 year period