Empowering our parents to become role models

Posted by Olivia Benford, PSJA Parental Engagement Program Director on 1/7/2019

Parental Engagement

For the past 7 years, the PSJA Parental Engagement Department has offered GED, ESL, Computer Technology, and an array of entrepreneurship classes to over 12,000 parents in our community. These efforts have proven to be very fruitful for the schools, families, and community. Parental engagement in our schools has grown by leaps and bounds. Parental volunteering is astoundingly high, as well as parental attendance at parent meetings. But more importantly, once parents become students themselves, they grasp the full impact of the importance of an education.

They become empowered. They become empowered with the knowledge of a full understanding of all aspects of the academic field. Which, in turn, leads them to encourage their children to strive for the best education possible. That encouragement coming from the home is comparable to nothing more important. The transformation of the parents is so visible in each individual.

One can feel it on the inside, and, you can visualize it on the outward appearance as the parent begins to express person views, carries a conversation about future goals and desires for the family. You can also see the transformation of that personal pride, even outward appearance. What a gift to be a part of that. Our staff at Parental Engagement Department are grateful every day to hold such an important and rewarding responsibility, to serve.

How is this work connected to the Spirit of PSJA?
As the "Spirit of PSJA" defines the character of an employee, Parental Department and its staff are committed to creating: Positive Engagement, Student-Centered Excellence, Joint Empowerment, and Adaptive Innovation. This is what we strive to do on a daily basis as employees of the District and as human beings helping and supporting each other any way that we can.

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