National Library Week

We would like to thank Mrs. Tina Olivarez for being our Librarian here at PSJA North ECHS.

Mrs. Olivarez has been with us for over 15 years helping teachers and students. She keeps her library stocked with various kinds of books from biographies to manga books. Students can enjoy their books by spending time at the Raider Library Café and enjoy a hot beverage as they read and sit at the new café style tables. She also provides a lounge type area for teachers and students to sit comfortably and read. Olivarez keeps the library well maintained as she helped out earlier this year and repainted the library and decorated it with her beautiful seasonal décor.

She also sponsors our book club-The Book Thieves. They meet every 4 weeks and discuss various kinds’ books and do community service throughout the year. This year The Book Thieves have gone to hospitals to give out books in the children's ward, they’ve gone to Barnes and Noble and passed out poems during Poetry Month, as a "Random Act of Kindness" they gave the security guards goodie bags. And one of the most thoughtful things that Mrs. Olivarez has done with the club is how she taught the students how to appreciate our soldiers that are serving across seas by sending them books during Christmas.

Mrs Olivarez received her undergraduate degree from Pan American University and did her graduate work at Sam Houston State University where she received her Masters in Library Science.

Thank you for all your work and dedication to our North Staff and Students!

“She has helped me with a lot of my research and special projects”…Joycelyn Munzon, World Geography Teacher

“She is the Best Boss!”…Alicia Gloria, Library Aide