What is Safe2SpeakUP?

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Safe2SpeakUP is a new tool PSJA ISD is implementing to help students report bullying or other threats they may face or witness. Students can submit reports through an easy to use app called Safe2SpeakUP.

With this app, students will be able to submit safety tips to our campus administrators and district safety team. Whether students have experienced bullying firsthand, observed a bully-related activity, or have noticed a safety threat on campus, every student with the Safe2SpeakUP app will have the ability to let the right people know about it.

Students using the Safe2SpeakUP app can confidently report safety risks with the option of remaining anonymous. This allows students to do the right thing while remaining discreet. The app also features message groups that allow students to receive emergency information directly from campus administrators or the district safety team.

We believe school safety is a shared responsibility, and having every student and staff on board will help us keep our school safer. We encourage you to talk to your child about the Safe2SpeakUP app.