TIA Texas Teacher Mentor Allotment

House Bill 3(HB3), passed by the 86th Texas Legislature in June 2019, established an optional Teacher Mentor Allotment with a stated goal of a six-figure salary for teachers who prioritize teaching in high needs areas and rural district campuses. House Bill 3 required the setting of “performance and validity standards” to ensure that the identification of highly effective teachers under the three designation categories: Master, Exemplary, and Recognized (yield reliable and comparable results across the state). PSJA ISD utilized the performance standards along with district teacher observation and student growth data to determine which teachers qualify for designations. Part of the data validation process also included a review of the accuracy of how district systems align their designations to the statewide performance standards (conducted by Texas Tech University). PSJA will be eligible to receive $3-32K annually per designated teacher. At least 90% of funds must be used on designated teacher campus. 5-year designation validity, regardless of teacher placement (subject, school, LEA). PSJA ISD hopes to achieve an increase in teacher performance, retention, and increased student achievement via the Teacher Incentive Allotment (TIA).