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Congratulations to Ms. Rivera's Art Students on designing original artwork for logo consideration.

Students in Mrs. Rebecca Rivera’s Art & Media Class at PSJA North, participated in a Student Artwork Initiative through Jacob Villescas’ nonprofit organization, “Treat Others With Respect”. Treat Others With Respect, is a local non-profit organization geared towards mentoring students throughout the RGV.    


Treat Others With Respect is in the process of creating a Valley Wiffle Ball League.  Wiffle Ball is a recreational alternative to the traditional sport of baseball. This will be the first official Wiffle Ball League in South Texas.  


Students designed original artwork for logo consideration. Congratulations to the following students who’s artwork was selected!  


Ashley Gonzalez - PSJA North (Kingsmen) 

Jessica Gutierrez - PSJA North (Revolution) 

Jennifer Hernandez - PSJA North (Bandits) 

Jessica Gutierrez - PSJA North (Red Hawks) 

Jessica Gutierrez - PSJA North (Guardians) Logo ContestLogo Contest