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2020-2021 Enrichment Camp Courses



PSJA North ECHS 2020 August Enrichment Camp Courses      
Course Description Teacher Date Google Classroom Code  Session Times
Physical Education Everyday stretches to release stress Coach Lugo Monday evand21 8:00-8:45          9:00-9:45         10:00-10:45        1:00-11:45
College Success What do I need to be a successful college student? Tommy Tijerina Monday agb6b5a
Volleyball Fundamentals of volleyball techniques Coach Jaime Monday ix56cr5
Cosmetology The basics of braiding hair/eye brow coloring Griselda Tovar Monday


Public Law Your Miranda Rights: Do's and Don'ts when pulled over Jose Vecchio Monday 765rfl5


Interviewing: Do's and Don'ts Pamela Palacios Monday mhrrnl7
Music HS All Region 2020-2021 Mary Echeverria Monday nuivbfw
Mackinvia How to get the most of available resources Denisse Ochoa Monday oy2lldj
ROTC Benefits of joining the Armed Forces Ramiro Hinojosa Tues nglkzft  
Agriculture What is FFA: Why should I join?  Ernesto Elizade Tues a37o5uw  
Health Nutrition: Eating habits for a healthy lifestyle Ronnie Flores Tues    
Teen Leadership Making Choices Michael Hernandez Tues eyt2yft  
Art Intro to Drawing on a Crushed Can using Line & Shading Rebecca Rivera Tues o3qfsrc  
Dance Dance Flexibility,Technique, and Conditioning  J. Aguillon Tues gauv2yr  
Food Science What you need to know about food and your body Daniel Flores Tues 4eiiggs  
Choir The Basics of Singing Carlos Mata Tues yqbv6s4  
Drama Introduction and finding selections for Poetry Bryan Honl Tues thpylei  
Band Virtual Fundamentals of Cornet Playing Eduardo Echeverria Tues 3ipmiri  
Band Music is Awesome!  Pete Guerrero Tues yummnvo  
Computer How to prepare a resume Armando Salinas Wed    
Public Law Which career pathway do you want to follow? Eric Acosta Wed  evc4jn3  
Welding Why should I make welding my profession? Jesus Reyes Wed    
Automechanics How Automotive Can be Linked to Diferent Pathways Juliana Gonzalez Wed 2emmtsb  
Pharmacology   Anita Barrera Wed qsb33en  
Dance The fundamentals of folklorico dancing J. Hinojosa Wed    
Food Science The Inside of a Crime Lab Carina Castillo Wed v7b2uxs  
Drama Introduction and finding selections for Prose Jacqueline Zepeda Wed thpylei  
Band Fundamental skills needed to play the drums Justin Adame Wed rx4fwyd  
Band Music Introduction: Music Basics Cynthia Guerrerio Wed rgk4vak  
Speech How to prepare for a class oral presentation  Aprillyn Sanchez Thurs 3fltq6x  
Agriculture What is FFA? Why should I join? William Clifford Thurs m3fdzop  
Computers Using Thirds to Design Effectively Mary Martinez Thurs  lmwu7es  
Entrepreneurship Operating the PSJA North Yearbook Victor Olivarez Thurs  oyszm7n  
Culinary Creating quick, nutritional meals Sonia Hinojosa Thurs    
Choir The fundamentals of Choir John McLeod Thurs 4lxzi5w  
Drama Introduction to Extemp Thomas Green Thurs thpylei  
Band The fundamentals of playing bassoon Jeremy Roe Thurs y5dtqkt  
Physical Education Quick Daily Exercises to Get Your Circulation Going Wiliam Littleton Thurs  6any2ib  
Art How to create your own art apron Alma Villarreal Thurs    
Health Science   Roselyn Defino Thurs    
ROTC What do recruiters look for? Jorge Brondo Thurs erz4d43