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PSJA ISD Tri-City Theatre Company presents inaugural production of “Chicago: The Musical”

PHARR – Pharr-San Juan- Alamo- ISD (PSJA ISD) Tri-City Theatre Company hosted their inaugural production of “Chicago: The Musical” on September 7, 9, 10, 11, 2023, at the PSJA North Early College High School Gilberto Zepeda, Jr. Performing Arts Center. 


The PSJA Tri-City Theatre Company is committed to fulfilling its mission of providing a competitive fine arts program that serves to foster a diverse and supportive environment that allows young thespians the space to express themselves through storytelling, performance, and design. 


Kicking off during the summer months, thespians were invited to participate in the PSJA Rising Stars Musical Theatre Camp led by recognized professionals in the field and theatre directors from across the district. Participants got to collaboratively perfect and master their theatre art skills by participating in a wide variety of workshops leading up to the official production of “Chicago: The Musical.” 


“When we came together as the PSJA Tri-City Theatre we thought, what is a musical that we could perform at the highest level while shining all of our departments in singing, acting, dancing, light design, and show design,” said Charlie Palacios, Theatre Director from PSJA Southwest Early College High School. “What better show than Chicago?’ It’s a perfect first production!” 


With a multi-grade level cast, including students from all five PSJA ISD theatre groups, the thespians were able to bring “Chicago: The Musical” to life on stage for the first time in district history showcasing the unity and talent between sister schools.  


“I think what makes this production so different from any other musical is that there is a whole district here to perform the show, not just one single school,” said thespian Siena Badilla who plays Velma Kelly in “Chicago: The Musical.” “You see a whole bunch of different talent from a bunch of different schools which makes the musical even more incredible!” 


In addition to the first production under the PSJA Tri-City Theatre Company, many of the thespians also participate in other numerous theatrical productions throughout the school year including the UIL One Act Play and children’s shows at their respective campuses. 


Due to the popularity of the musical, the PSJA Tri-City Theatre has added four additional dates to its play on Sept. 16, 17, and 18 at 7:30 PM with a special afternoon showtime on Sept. 16 at 1:00 PM at the PSJA North Early College High School Gilberto Zepeda Performing Arts Center.