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PSJA ISD among select school districts recognized for ground-breaking programs

PHARR — Pharr-San Juan-Alamo ISD (PSJA ISD) was among 12 Texas school districts recognized for their outstanding programs in the Texas School Business Magazine’s 15th Annual Bragging Rights 2021-22 special issue.  

Bragging Rights, which calls for nominations and is published every December, recognizes school districts that have implemented programs that are bettering the lives of Texas’ students. 

The PSJA ISD Migrant Program aims to provide support services/programs for eligible migratory children and parents to help overcome the challenges of mobility, cultural and language barriers, social isolation, and other challenges associated with their migratory lifestyle.  

Students are enrolled in the program if they have parents who engage in agricultural work involving travel with their children. The PSJA Migrant program currently serves more than 630 students and provides support services for their respective legal guardians.  

It is an honor to highlight the collective work of our Migrant staff, campus leaders and teachers who help our students excel every day,” said PSJA Migrant Program Director Yolanda Gomez. “Success is intentional, and it takes a team to make it happen.  We always strive to make a positive impact that will change the trajectory of our students’ future.”   

Aware of the challenges migrant families face moving from school district to school district throughout the year, PSJA ISD’s Migrant Education Program has taken steps to follow students as they leave to ensure their educational progress continues no matter where they attend 

“We advocate for our students, and it is important to us that we support them in this journey to ensure their success,” said PSJA Superintendent Dr. Jorge L. Arredondo in the magazine issue. “These are hard-working families. They’re doing everything they can. They came here for a better future for their children. We want to bring that multi-generational prosperity to these children and their parents.”   

To read the 15th Annual Bragging Rights issue featuring the PSJA Migrant Program, visit 

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