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PSJA ISD hosts a series of virtual focus groups to create a new student leadership definition

PHARR - Four years ago, Pharr-San Juan-Alamo School ISD launched the Spirit of PSJA, a leadership definition used as guide to develop current and future district leaders. This summer, a similar guide, the Spirit of PSJA-Student Edition, is being created with stakeholder input to include distinct characteristics and behaviors students should possess by the time they graduate from high school. 


Five virtual focus groups with students, parents, teachers, principals, and other staff members represented, were conducted during the month of June to gather the attributes they feel help make PSJA graduates well-rounded, talented, and successful adults. 


“We thank all participants for their input and feedback as we develop this definition that will help guide our students to acquire the necessary skill sets and life experiences needed to accomplish their life goals,” said PSJA ISD Superintendent Dr. Jorge L. Arredondo.  


With the feedback received, a district committee will now develop sample definitions that will be shared with overall district stakeholders during the next few months to narrow down and finalize this tool.  


The goal is for this work to be unveiled at the start of the 2021-2022 school year as part of the district’s strategic direction focused to help students reach PSJA’s vision of preparing every student to participate, compete, and excel in a global society to foster multi-generational prosperity. 


“The focus groups were a dynamic way to have our students and staff provide input as this important work is built for our students’ benefit,” said Aida C. Escobar Elementary Principal Catarina Espinoza who along with a campus student representative participated in the virtual focus group. “Our student leaders from throughout the district were able to envision the skills and opportunities they wish to have before they graduate from our school district and the necessary elements, they need to experience to reach their goals. When they see the Spirit of PSJA-Student Edition, they will know they played an important part in its development and the educational success of their peers and future PSJA students."