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PSJA ISD's college readiness program to prepare middle school students for college entrance exams

PHARR – The PSJA College Readiness Department is making efforts to further prepare students for the SAT college entrance exams as early as their 8th grade year. 


As part of these efforts, the district will be embedding PSAT content into the curriculum in Math and Reading courses and offer PSAT-8 Academies in the Spring 2021. 


PSJA ISD will be providing more information to 8th grade students and their parents.  


"This is part of our efforts to support college readiness and ensure our students are competitive as they start taking these college entrance exams," said PSJA Superintendent Dr. Jorge L. Arredondo. 


All PSJA ISD high schools are designated Early College, which makes them innovative high schools that allow students to attend college and high school simultaneously. All students can earn a high school diploma and a 2-year Associate Degree or 60 college credit hours and/or a College Certificate at no cost to them or their parents. Early College High Schools offer rigorous instruction and provide academic, social, and emotional support services to help students succeed. 


"Incorporating a more thorough PSAT Program starting in middle school will help better prepare our students for their future goals," said Chief of Academics Dr. Rudy Treviño.


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