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Employee Pay, Next Steps

Dear PSJA Family,

Thank you for your cooperation in regards to our temporary school closure. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we continue to work through this situation.

During yesterday's emergency school board meeting, a list of essential employees was approved. All employees will be notified by their supervisor by end of business day on Friday, March 18, if they will be required to work the week of March 23 and where to report to work. 

Regardless if an employee is required to report to work, all employees are to be ready and willing to work if called in or asked to provide services since all employees will be paid during this time. If an employee is not able to report to work when asked by their supervisor, the reason will be documented.  

Non-exempt employees (Hourly Employees/Para Professionals/Secretaries) are not to work from home. All non-Exempt employees are to utilize Time-Clock Plus to track their hours when assigned to physically report into work.  

If a non-exempt employee is asked to report to work they will be paid a premium rate of time and a half as illustrated below:

For example, if a custodian normally works 40 hours per week at $10 per hour, he/she would receive 40 hours of regular pay ($400) during closure.  However, if during a closure the employee physically works 10 hours, the employee’s pay would be calculated as follows:

                30 hours x $10   = $300
                10 hours x $15   = $150
                40 hours             = $450


All exempt employees, (non-hourly) are to continue working during this time, preferably from home if possible. Please follow the recommendations of your supervisor. 

Keep in mind that as a district, we are going to continue to adhere to social distancing recommendations from our health officials, which includes a maximum of 10 people in one room. 

We know these are uncertain times, so please do not hesitate to contact your Supervisor or the Office of Human Resources at or call 354-2013, if you have any questions or concerns. 

We appreciate you and your dedication to our PSJA Family! 



Melissa Aguero Ramirez

Chief of Human Resources