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Texas Migrant Interstate Program hosts 33rd Annual State Conference

The Texas Migrant Interstate Program's 33rd Annual State Conference was held at the McAllen Convention Center

McALLEN - The Texas Migrant Interstate Program's 33rd Annual State Conference was held at the McAllen Convention Center on February 24, 2020. The conference united educators and administrators that are stakeholders in the education of migrant students.


Visitors from throughout the country including Michigan, Iowa, Minnesota, Illinois, Wisconsin, South Carolina, North Carolina, Arizona, California, and New Mexico, to name a few, were in attendance.


“Visitors gain knowledge of how they can help our migrant students to be successful in their graduation, credits, [and] social-emotional well being,” said TMIP Director Maria Garcia-Guzman.


During the conference, PSJA ISD Superintendent Dr. Jorge L. Arredondo, a proud son of migrant farmworkers reminded attendees of the impact their work has on students.


“Our story is one of hard work, one that we want to continue not to just survive, but thrive in this global economy.” 

Melody Castillo, a PSJA Southwest Early College High School alumna and migrant student, shared a testimony of how she thrived as a migrant student. 


Just last year, Castillo graduated as Salutatorian of her class and was named a Dell Scholar receiving $20,000, a brand new laptop, and textbook credits to complete her post-secondary education. 


As Castillo wraps up her last year at UTRGV, she thanked her teachers and counselors for being there for her during her time at PSJA as a migrant student. 


“I am here because of you,” Castillo said.