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PSJA ISD, City of Pharr host ribbon-cutting ceremony for new PSJA Agricultural Science Facility


   PSJA ISD, City of Pharr host ribbon-cutting ceremony for new PSJA Agricultural Science Facility

PHARR – Pharr-San Juan-Alamo Independent School District (PSJA ISD) and the City of Pharr hosted a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new PSJA Agricultural Science Facility in Pharr on Tuesday, Feb. 4, 2020. 


The state-of-the art facility is possible thanks to a city-school partnership between the district and the City of Pharr. The $3.5 million facility, will enhance current academic programs available to provide richer learning experiences for future generations. It features over 38,000 sq. ft., an 8,000 sq. ft. arena, 54 galvanized metal pens for large cattle and 81 for small animals


“These experiences teach you leadership and how to work as a team. It’s an honor and a privilege for our district to partner with the City of Pharr to make this possible. This facility will provide our students life-changing experiences outside the classroom,” said PSJA Superintendent Dr. Jorge L. Arredondo. 


According to the City of Pharr Mayor Dr. Ambrosio Hernandez, city leaders take pride in supporting efforts to promote educational endeavors for students. 


“This is something that we really need in our community,” said Mayor Dr. Hernandez. “The City of Pharr has always been in great support of PSJA ISD. When you add up our joint projects over the years, they total more than $60 million in investments for our families.” 


During the ceremony, attendees got to listen from district and school leaders and take a tour of the facility.  


“Thank you all for coming, especially our students,” said PSJA School Board President Jorge Palacios. “You are our future. What you do today is going to impact the community and the Valley.” 


To close the event, PSJA CTE Coordinator Romeo Robles shared a bit of history about the evolution of the district's FFA Program and the impact the new facility will now have on students. The PSJA Agricultural Science Facility will serve as the hub for FFA students in the district’s comprehensive high schools, according to Robles. 


“This facility is for our students, and always remember the following words," he said, mentioning some of FFA's meeting norms. "Let us be diligent in labor, just in our dealings, courteous to everyone and above all, honest and fair in the game of life.”