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What is the PSJA Internal Audit Department?

One of the purposes of the PSJA ISD Internal Audit Department is to investigate any concerns reported to them. 
Such concerns may include: 

·       Theft of District resources (e.g. cash, equipment, supplies or materials)

·       Falsification of financial records to cover up theft or embezzlement

·       Falsifying payroll information

·       Misuse of District equipment or property

·       Misuse or waste of District resources, including government funds

·       Improper activities by District officials, employees or contractors

·       Soliciting or accepting a bribes or kickbacks

·       Conflicts of interest

Reporting can be done by doing one of the following:

1. Use the online form (, you may remain anonymous

2. Mail Documents to: Attn: Internal Audit Dept., 601 E. Kelly St., Pharr, TX 78577

3. Call 956-354-2000 ext. 1091