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Magic Valley Scholarship

General Rules

1. Scholarships are available up to the amount of $1,875 per semester, not to exceed two (2) semesters per year.

2. Scholarships must be first utilized in the fall semester of the calendar year awarded, and are renewable up to a maximum of ten (10) semesters with the total scholarship not to exceed $15,000.

3. Scholarships must be used within a five (5) year period beginning with the fall semester of the calendar year in which the scholarship is awarded.

4. In the event the recipient receives another full or partial scholarship to an accredited institution of higher education in Texas, MVEC reserves the right to revoke or adjust the scholarship award accordingly.

5. Scholarship funds shall be sent directly to the institution for payment of tuition and related fees and expenses charged by the institution, and room and board provided by the institution.

6. All scholarships and renewals are subject to confirmation that the recipient is in compliance with all Rules, and that all Eligibility and Recipient Requirements have been met.

Eligibility Requirements

1. Applicants and/or their dependents that have a minimum of one-year membership with Magic Valley Electric Cooperative at the application deadline date. The membership account must be the primary residence of the applicant at the time the scholarship is awarded and throughout the term of the scholarship.

2. Scholarships to be granted to attend an accredited institution of higher education located in Texas. Scholarships are limited to undergraduate and graduate degrees.

3. Applicant must be of good character as evidenced by at least three (3) letters from teachers, principals, counselors, etc, from the school they are currently attending. For applicants returning to school after an extended absence, letters will be accepted from previous employers, supervisors, ministers, etc.

4. Applicant must demonstrate a coherent degree plan and willingness to pursue a course of higher learning.

5. Scholarships will be awarded on the basis of funds available and the applicants’ eligibility.

6. Applications must be received no later than 5:00 p.m. December 7, 2017. The winners will be presented at the Magic Valley Electric Cooperative Annual Meeting on April 16, 2018. Attendance by all scholarship winners is required.

7. Relatives of board members and employees of MVEC are not eligible to apply.

Recipient Requirements

1. Recipient must maintain at least a 2.5 cumulative grade point average on a 4.0 scale and carry a minimum of 12 hours per semester or be considered by the registrar to be a full-time student.

2. Recipients must provide a copy of their grades and statement of account history at the end of each school semester to Magic Valley Electric Cooperative before monies can be released for a subsequent semester.

3. Recipients must provide the university with a written release form allowing MVEC to verify grades, account history and enrollment status

Magic Valley Scholarship Application