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Albert Lee Wright, Jr. Memorial Migrant Scholarship

Thank you for your interest in the Al Wright Scholarship!

The purpose of this scholarship is to honor a migrant farmworker student who has overcome barriers presented by mobility, has performed well academically, and who has provided service to his/her community.

To be eligible for this scholarship you must:

  • Be a migrant student! -> You and your family move for agricultural or fishing employment
  • Be a dedicated student! -> Show us you care and you’re willing to work hard! We’re looking for academic achievement or improvement in your official transcript
  • Be a graduating high school senior -> This scholarship is intended for students who will be entering college for the first time
  • Demonstrate financial need -> We want to make sure this scholarship goes to someone who could really use the help, so you need to estimate how much you think your education will cost and how much you have saved so far.

Sound like you? Then apply! If selected, you will be awarded at least $3,000 to help pay for college.

Albert Lee Wright, Jr. Memorial Migrant Scholarship Application

Susie Coultress