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Hiring PSJA Alumni! PSJA United for College Success Alumni Leaders Program




PSJA ISD is hiring alumni who have demonstrated academic success and a commitment to learning and growth in a community setting for the PSJA United for College Success (UFCS) Coalition Leader Program. The UFCS Alumni Leader program aims to address some of the challenges our alumni face at their college campuses, building a strong alumni network. Through various campus activities, peer mentoring opportunities, and consistent communication, our collective alumni network will be better prepared to succeed in college and their careers. 

PSJA As PSJA UFCS Alumni Leaders, individuals will work as peer mentors to a group of UFCS Coalition alumni to help promote student success. They will also work individually and collaboratively with the local UFCS Coalition Site staff in organizing and implementing a variety of educational, cultural, and social activities designed to increase student awareness, enhance personal growth, and smoothen transitions into the university/college environment.


Our PSJA UFCS Alumni Leaders must be current college students enrolled at The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley (UTRGV) or South Texas College (STC). If selected, individuals will be responsible for leading the effort to create a strong UFCS Coalition-alumni cohort focused on college persistence and career readiness at their campuses. PSJA UFCS Alumni Leaders will be required to complete the following tasks:

  • Attend one of the selected colleges/universities: The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley or South Texas College;
  • Attend a mandatory in-person training in early August;
  • Identify the needs of the UFCS Coalition-alumni cohort on his or her campus;
  • Work with multiple advisors, including representatives from the university, and the local UFCS Coalition Site to identify; existing resources and opportunities for meeting cohort needs;
  • Coordinate and facilitate student events and activities that meet cohort needs; and
  • Track participation in and completion of events and activities for the UFCS Alumni Leader Program


  • Must be enrolled at The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley (UTRGV) or South Texas College (STC) and graduating in May 2017 or later;
  • Demonstrate record of academic success, or record of academic improvement, and be on track for graduation;
  • Strong leadership ability;
  • Demonstrate interest in supporting PSJA UFCS Coalition alumni and first-generation college students;
  • Upperclassmen strongly preferred


A 2-part scholarship will be awarded. The scholarship will require a positive evaluation documenting the successful completion of tasks at the end of the fall semester in order to release the 2nd award. The first award will be distributed at during the first month of the fall semester. Upon successful evaluation of the fall semester, the student will then be awarded the second award that will be distributed during the first month of the spring semester.


The application process for UFCS Alumni Leaders is outlined in the steps below.

  1. Review the materials in the UFCS PSJA Alumni Leader Application Packet to decide whether being an UFCS Alumni Leader is right for you. If interested, you MUST be available to attend the Alumni Leadership Institute on TBD. Travel and lodging will be covered by the UFCS Coalition.
  2. Complete the UFCS PSJA Alumni Leader Application Packet.
  3. Complete the top portion of the Personal Recommendation Form and send this to an individual that can speak to your qualifications.
  4. Submit your application to the designated Regional UFCS Alumni Leader Manager for your alumni network (listed on the bottom of the application) by July 7, 2016.

Download the forms below!


Thank you for your interest in becoming a UFCS PSJA Alumni Leader!