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Media Technology Chapter Nationals Bound.

The Kennedy Middle School Media Technology Chapter just finish competing at the State SkillsUSA Skills & Leadership Conference on April 4-7, 2019 at Corpus Christi. Students competed is seven events and came back home with 5 golds and 1 bronze medals. Gold medals and State Champions were David Hinojosa for Job Demonstration A, Ricardo Torres for Job Demonstration Open, Daniel Zacariaz for Action Skills, Noe Mireles for Prepare Speech, and the team of David Hinojosa, Catalina Galvan, and Noe Mireles for Emblem Ceremony. Catalina Galvan was awarded the bronze medal for Extemporaneous Speaking. David and Ricardo Torres will be advancing to Nationals SkillsUSA Skills & Leadership Conference at Louisville Kentucky on June the 24-28, 2019. The Media Technology sponsor is Mr. Maximo Salinas.

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Emblem Ceremony Team 1st place:                Catalina Galvan                                                  Noe Mireles                                                      David Hinojosa


   uil  David Hinojosa 1st place: Job Demonstration A



  Noe Mireles 1st place: Prepare Speech



Catalina Galvan 1st place: Extemporaneous Speaking



Daniel Zacariaz 1st place: Action Skills



Ricardo Torres 1st place: Job Demonstration Open