Demography/Zoning Study June 2022

      Purpose for Rezoning

      • Purpose of the Demography/Rezoning Study

        To conduct an in-depth demography and school boundary study as part of the district's enrollment and school choice plans. 

        This study (conducted between March-June 2022) will help identify any possible impact on enrollment zones or school choice needs as aligned with the district's vision, mission and board goals.

        Why now?

        • A significant pattern of decreased enrollment in the district has directly impacted the need to evaluate our boundaries and make recommendations to enhance our PSJA ISD’s Portfolio of Schools. 
        • The increased competitive market landscape for school choice has also impacted enrollment.
        • The last known demographic study was conducted over a decade ago, resulting in boundary zone adjustments.

        Our Commitment

        • To ensure the district continues to innovate with school choice strategies and proactive boundary suggestions. 
        • To create boundary and school zone recommendations that support the theory of action for open “choice” enrollment while minimizing disruptions to current families and preserving their ability to re-enroll in their current school. 
        • Recommendations will be designed using historic, current and forecasted data and reflect priorities and concerns of families and members of each school community. 

      Rezoned Schools

      • To verify your home zone, please click HERE and plug-in your home address.

        Aligning South Pharr

        • Southern portion of Kelly-Pharr Elementary rezoned to Cesar Chavez Elementary feeding to Escalante Middle School
        • Mid-portion of Kelly-Pharr Elementary by Plantation rezoned to Kennedy MS
        • Palmer island (near PSJA Stadium) rezoned to Kelly-Pharr Elementary

        South Pharr Alignment


        Northwest Zone 

        • Eastern portion of Arnold Elementary rezoned to Cantu Elementary
        • Southern portion of Arnold Elementary boundary rezoned to Ramirez Elementary.
        • Ramirez Elementary to feed 100% to Liberty Middle School.

        Northwest Alignment


        Aligning Feeders, Streamlining Transportation in the North 

        • Split Reed & Mock Elementary students that feed to Yzaguirre Middle School between Cantu Elementary and Doedyns Elementary
        • Reed & Mock Elementary and Doedyns “islands" rezoned to Garza-Peña Elementary
        • Guerra Elementary students east of Cesar Chavez Rd rezoned to Reed & Mock Elementary
        • Reed & Mock Elementary and Treviño Elementary to feed 100% to Murphy Middle School
        • Cantu Elementary to feed 100% to Yzaguirre Middle School

        Aligning Feeders, Streamlining Transportation in the North 

        To verify your home zone, please click HERE and plug-in your home address.

        Have questions about transportation? Please call our PSJA Transportation Dept. at (956) 354-2190.

        For any questions regarding zoning or school transfers, please call our PSJA Pupil Accounting Dept. (956) 354-2028.


      • Transportation 

        The PSJA Transportation Department will implement a plan to reduce the impact on students and families affected by the realignment/rezoning.

        For the 2022-2023 school year, transportation will be provided for at all current and new zones. 


        Transportation will run new zones ONLY effective at the start of the 2023-2024 school year.

        Each realigned campus will have a tailored plan depending on student participation. 

        Transportation Examples

        NEW PSJA Metro Hubs 

        Transportation Hubs for the following Elementary Campuses to their feeder Middle Schools will be available for the 2022-2023 School Year 

        An assigned bus shuttles students at 7:00 am & 3:45 pm

        For extracurricular activities, an after school bus will be available at 5:30 or later as needed

        **Hub usage will be studied throughout the 2022-2023 school year for usage and to increase the number of hubs based on needs.

        PSJA Metro Hubs

        PSJA Metro Hubs

      Enrollment Priority

      • To continue to balance enrollment at all campuses, an Enrollment Priority Deadline and Wait List Process is currently followed:

        For the 2022-2023 School Year, Enrollment Priority will run from Nov. 1, 2022 to Feb. 1, 2023, following: 1) Lives in School Zone  2) Resides in the PSJA Area  3) Out of District

        * Students must also meet grades, attendance and behavior standards to secure a spot at the school of their choice. If the desired school meets capacity, students not zoned will be placed on a waiting list, especially at the following schools already experiencing high enrollment:

        • Austin Middle School
        • LBJ Middle School
        • Dr. Long Elementary
        • PSJA Early College High School

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