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Open Enrollment Question

  • Can my child attend PSJA ISD even if I don’t live within the tri-city area?

    Yes, PSJA ISD is an OPEN ENROLLMENT school district. You may attend our schools, PK-3 to 12th grade, regardless of place of residence. You may apply online at and select your preferred school. If you need assistance selecting a school, you may contact our Community Engagement Department.

Enrollment Requirements

  • Parent/guardian enrolling student must present the following information upon completion of registration:

    1. Parent/Guardian ID (Any official photo ID)

    2. Child’s original Birth Certificate

    3. Child’s Social Security Card (optional)

    4. Child’s Immunization Record (Must be up to date)

    5. Proof of Residence (MUST BE PRESENTED ANNUALLY) -Current Utility Bill (water, light, or gas bill with parents name and address) -Lease agreement/Renter’s contract -Notarized letter of residence (if applicable) if parents/students are living with a friend or relative who is the homeowner of a residence of the District. -District affidavit of residence.

    6. Child’s Report Card, withdrawal form from previous school district and/or high school transcript.

    7. Proof of Guardianship/Custody (if applicable) if a child is not living with his/her parents or if a child lives with only one parent, proof of legal guardianship or custody is required.

    Padre(s) tutor(es) matriculando al estudiante presentara la siguiente información:

    1.  Identificación de padre/tutor legal (Una identificación oficial con foto)

    2.  Registro de Nacimiento del estudiante

    3.  Tarjeta de Seguro Social del estudiante (opcional) 

    4.  Tarjeta de vacunas de los Estados Unidos del estudiante (vigente)

    5.  Prueba de Residencia (TENDRA QUE SER MOSTRADA ANUALMENTE) -Cobro de utilidades al corriente con los nombres de los padres y domicilio (electricidad, gas natural, o agua) -Carta notariada de residencia (si es aplicable) si padres/estudiantes están viviendo con amistades o parientes que son dueños de la residencia dentro del distrito. -Forma de residencia del distrito. 6.  Boleta académica del estudiante con la más reciente información de asistencia o record de disciplina.

    7.  Prueba de custodia/tutela (si es aplicable) si el niño/a no está viviendo con sus padres/tutores o si el niño/a vive con un padre, prueba legal de tutela o custodia es requerida.

Proof of Residency

  • The parent or guardian of the student must provide one of the following items listed below to the school during registration annually:

    1.  Most recent utility bill such as water, light, or gas with the parent's/guardian's name and address.

    2.  Mortgage statement or deed with parent/guardian name.

    3.  Lease agreement with parent/guardian name.

    4. Rental agreement with parent/guardian name.

    5.  District Notarized Affidavit of Residency if the parent/guardian live with another person.