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Pharr-San Juan-Alamo ISD

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Parental & Community Engagement

About the Parental Engagement Department

Pharr-San Juan-Alamo ISD’s Parental Engagement Program model was developed to significantly increase the number of parents engaged in their child’s education. It is the mission of the program to develop powerful, strong relationships with family, school and community partners, to help strengthen schools, improve student achievement and increase opportunities for families to become actively engaged in their child’s  learning.

 Who can participate?

  •  ALL parents of current PSJA ISD students are able to participate.
  •  To remain eligible, parents must volunteer a minimum of 15 hours at their child’s designated campus each semester.
  •  This engagement program is designed for all PSJA parents, regardless of home language or status.
  •  The program is offered at nine different locations so that parents from all over the district can have access to opportunities.

Classes Offered

• Citizenship
• Computer Technology
• Welding Certification
• Security Guard Certification
• Entrepreneurship Programs:       

Nutrition Arts & Crafts, Sewing, Cake Decorating, Jewelry Making, Knitting, Cosmetology, Floral Arrangements, Manicure.


The PSJA Parental Engagement Program is possible thanks to more than 30 community partnerships including South Texas College and Region One. PSJA ISD’s partnership with Region One helps offer Adult Education services, which include  English as a Second Language (ESL), Adult Basic Education and GED preparation courses. 

PSJA parents have the opportunity to continue their education through structured courses in partnership with South Texas College that can gain them a certification or credential in various fields.

With the assistance of additional local non-profit groups, interfaith groups, workforce development and economic development corporations, parents fulfill their educational needs, as well as, acquire more knowledge in careers and employability skills, entrepreneurship and computer literacy. All services provided to PSJA parents through these centers are free of charge.

Our Impact

  • Through their participation, parents are able to continue their education      
  • Learn valuable skills and trades
  • Become informed and involved in their child’s school campus
  • Become confident role models for their families
  • Obtain certificates

Parent Testimonials

“In the beginning, I was not able to remember fractions.  Now, I am very happy because I know how to do it.  Also, because I can help my daughter with those kinds of problems. In my job, I have seen an improvement with my vocabulary and speech skills.  I am very proud to be here learning new things which are really worth it. I want to continue with this program to be a better professional.”

Juanita Chavira, Parent Student

“The English language has helped me in advancing more in life and it has made me sure of myself in establishing conversations with people.  This is an excellent program; it will allow me to finish my set goals.  One of the goals is to become a U.S. citizen and continue with my job as a substitute teacher.”

Florela Rincones, Parent Student

“I think it is a process and I am on the way to build a better future for me and my family, because if I am successful in getting my GED and speaking English fluently I will obtain confidence in myself and get the opportunity to get a better job and it will be a good example for my children.”

Beatriz Zapata, Parent Student

“I am helping with the homework and projects that my kids have.  I believe this program is very good in this stage of my life and I am sure that I will be a better person with greater knowledge. And in the future, it will open a lot of opportunities for me including a better quality of life for my kids and me.”

Eloisa Rodriguez, Parent Student