Raul Longoria Elementary

Dedicated To Excellence In Education

  • Why Raul Longoria Elementary?


    Longoria Elementary is to provide a comprehensive and challenging foundation of knowledge and skills for students in Pre-Kindergarten to Fifth grade. Students will meet the state performance standards and will acquire the skills necessary to become critical and independent thinkers. The Campus Schoolwide Program focus is to provide funds for materials and services that enhance the curriculum and improve the overall educational programs with computers, instructional software, bilingual reading books, AR Program, HOSTS Lab and math manipulatives. In addition, this program allows for parents and teachers to participate in workshops and inservices to impact the academic achievement of all students. This foundation will help students learn and achieve to their highest potential and will be accomplished through a quality curriculum with highly qualified and certified school staff, parents and community.

  • PRE-K 3 & 4

  • Sustainable Development Goals