Arts, A/V Technology and Communications Courses offered:
    • Principles of Arts, Audio Video Technology and Communications
    • Business Information Management
    • Digital and Interactive Media DC
    • Graphic Design and Illustration
    • Advance Graphic Design and Illustration
    • Photography
    Business, Management and Administration Courses offered:
    • Principals of Information Technology
    • Business Information Management I
    • Business Information Management II DC
    • Digital and Interactive Media
    • Accounting I
    • Accounting II DC
    • Computer Maintenance
    Health Sciences Courses offered:
    • Principal of Health Sciences
    • Medical Terminology
    • Anatomy and Physiology
    Science, Technology, Engineering & Math Courses offered:
    • Principals of Architecture and Construction
    • Principals of Manufacturing
    • Building Maintenance Technology
    • Architectural Design
    • Construction Technology
    Law and Public Safety, Corrections and Security Courses offered:
    • Principals of Law, Public Safety, Corrections and Security
    • Law Enforcement I / Law Enforcement I Dual Credit (CRIJ 1301 / 1310)
    • Law Enforcement II / Law Enforcement II Dual Credit (CRIJ 1306 / 2328)
    • Security Services
    • Practicum in Law

    Awards and Certificates
    • Earn a South Texas College Marketable Skills Award in Web Design or Computer Applications
    • Computers Applications Specialist Certificate & Marketable Skills Award:
      • Business Management I - 10th Grade
      • Business Information Management II DC Class- 11th Grade
    • Web Design & Marketable Skills Award Certificate:
      • Business Information Management I - 10th Grade
      • Business Information Management II DC - 11th Grade
      • Digital & Interactive Media (D.I.M.) DC - 12th Grade

    • Course Descriptions:
      • Business Information Management I:
        • This class is not a dual concurrent enrollment class but is a pre requisite for either a Computer Applications or Web Design Marketable Skills Award. This class is an introduction to the basics of Microsoft Office programs such as Word, Excel, Access, and Powerpoint.
      • Business Information Management II D.C.:
        • BIM II is an South Texas College Dual Concurrent Enrollment techonolgy class. This class is geared to those students who have completed B.I.M. I and are interested in learning the Advanced features in Microsoft Office. Personal situations are taught using Word, Excel, Access, Powerpoint and Desktop Publishing. Students successfully completing both Dual Concurrent Semesters will receive credit in:
          • Integrated Software Applications I 
          • Presentation Graphics Software
      • Digital & Interactive Media D.C.:
        • D.I.M. is an STC Dual Concurrent Enrollment technology class. Instruction in the use of Internet services and the fundamentals of web page design and web site development. The fundamentals of using digital layout as a primary publishing tool and the basic concepts and terminology associated with typography and page layout. Instruction in the utilization of presentation software to produce multimedia presentations. In-depth coverage of desktop publishing terminology, text editing, and use of design principals.
          • Beginning to Web Page Programming I
          • Digital Publishing I