Bell Schedules


    Elementary - 8:00 am - 3:40 pm

    Middle Schools - 7:25 am - 3:12 pm

    High Schools - 8:30 am - 4:10 pm

Uniforms / Uniformes

  • All PSJA ISD elementary, middle school and high school students must wear uniforms. 

    Todos los estudiantes del Distrito Escolar de PSJA de primaria, secundaria y preparatoria tienen que usar uniformes. 

    • Elementary & Middle School uniforms cost $11 each 
    • High School uniforms are 2 x $30

    These are available for purchase at the PSJA Back to School Expo or at your child's school (cash only).

    Students need to wear Polo Shirts sold at their respective campus with their campus logo. Colors vary by campus.

    Los estudiantes tendrán que usar Camisas Polo que estarán a la venta en cada escuela y tienen el logo de esa escuela. Los colores varian por escuela.

    All students can wear blue denim (blue jeans). All other bottoms vary by campus.

     Todos los estudiantes pueden usar jeans azules. Cualquier otro tipo de pantalon depende de la escuela.


Q & A

  • Do they have to wear the uniforms all week?

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    Yes, however, each school may designate a spirit t-shirt if approved by the campus Principal. 

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  • How much are the uniforms?

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    Elementary and Middle School uniforms are $11 each and High School uniforms are 2 for $30.

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  • What can my child wear with their uniform?

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    All PSJA ISD campuses allow blue denim (jeans) to be worn with the school's uniform shirt. Some schools may ask for other bottoms to be worn in addition to blue jeans such as khaki or navy pants/skirts.

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  • What does the uniform consist of?

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    Students must wear the polo shirts/spirit shirts sold at their respective campus.

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  • Are school uniforms mandatory?

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    Yes, all PSJA ISD elementary, middle school and high school students must abide by the district's dress code and wear a standarized uniform shirt provided at each campus. 

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