PSJA Collegiate Academies Banner with Students pictured in various fields and at graduation.

What are the PSJA Collegiate Academies?

  • PSJA ISD students from any district high school are eligible to apply to be part of the PSJA Collegiate Academies opening in fall 2018.

    The PSJA Collegiate Academies, will provide additional hands-on learning in various specific fields of study supporting students as they work to obtain an Associate Degree from South Texas College. Through a cohort approach, students will build positive relationships, receive rigorous instruction; as well as academic, emotional and social support to successfully complete the coursework.

    Students enrolled in the PSJA Collegiate Academies will continue to attend their home high school. They will travel to the Academies' site only for designated hours for academy coursework.

Who can participate?

  • For students at all PSJA ISD High Schools in grades 11th & 12th. Interested students must apply their 10th grade year.

    *Applications for the 2018-2019 school year have closed. If you have any questions, please call 354-2044.

Fields of Study Available - Fall 2018

    • School of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM) 
      • Collegiate Academy of Biology
      • Collegiate Academy of Mathematics
      • Collegiate Academy of Computer Science
    • School of Business & Industry
      • Collegiate Academy of Business Administration
    • School of Public Service & Health Services
      • Collegiate Academy of Criminal Justice
      • *NEW - Collegiate Academy of Education

    • School of Arts & Humanities
      • Collegiate Academy of Advertising/Public Relations
      • Collegiate Academy of Graphic Arts


  • Collegiate Academies Location:
    1229 S. Veterans Blvd. San Juan, Texas 78589

    PSJA's College Readiness Department at 354-2044 or email