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    PSJA Academies Earn 2 years of College Free

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    PSJA ISD is a state and national leader in creating more academic opportunities for all students.

    As a tri-city public school district offering a Pre-Kinder through 12th grade curriculum, PSJA ISD is focused on preparing students to compete and excel in today's global society to foster multi-generational prosperity.

    All PSJA ISD students have access to:

  • High-Quality Instruction
  • Technology (A Device for Every Student)
  • Competitive Athletics & Fine Arts
  • Social & Emotional Support
  • Why choose PSJA ISD?

  • Full-Day Pre-K 3 & Pre-K 4
  • Earn 2 Years of College FREE
  • Master 2 Languages (Graduate Bilingual & Biliterate)
  • Competitive Athletics & Award-Winning Fine Arts
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  • PSJA ISD students also participate in a variety of rigorous advanced academic and technical competition programs including: Robotics, Coding, Spelling Bee, Chess & UIL Academics.

    Parents of PSJA ISD students also have access to FREE continuing education opportunities through the PSJA Parental Engagement Program.

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  • School Transfer Information The Office of Pupil Accounting is responsible for the timely processing of all student transfers within PSJA ISD.

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