About the School

  • Organization of PSJA Carmen Anaya Elementary School

    Dual Language Instruction

    PSJA Carmen Anaya Elementary is working on giving students instruction in a Dual Language setting. Dual Language is currently being implemented Pre-Kinder through fifth grade. The goal of the campus is to work towards creating bilingual and bi-literate students and provide them with all the necessary skills to succeed beyond high school.

    Improved Instruction

    We are committed to improving the quality of instruction at PSJA Carmen Anaya Elementary by providing valuable professional development for our staff. To ensure that students are getting the education they deserve, contract personnel and district and campus leaders (national and state agency representatives at times) will regularly observe the classroom to examine and monitor student participation and work. Data will be gathered from classroom visits to determine what additional trainings are needed to assist teachers. Immediate and meaningful feedback will be provided so that teachers will improve instruction. We believe that, at PSJA Carmen Anaya Elementary, this initiative will have the biggest influence on our students’ lifelong success.


Academic & Extracurricular Programs

  • PSJA Carmen Anaya Elementary Goal Statement

    Our goal at PSJA Carmen Anaya Elementary School is to develop individuals who strive for success and who demonstrate responsibility for their actions by being cooperative, respectful, hardworking, and participating members that hold high expectations for themselves and others.

    At Carmen Anaya Elementary School is continuously aiming towards the fulfillment of our school’s Vision:

     A communication system that allows for: clear feedback, student input, staff/administration dialogue, and problem solving.

     A school climate that is nurturing and enabling, driven by success, and reinforces that failure is not an option.

     Collaboration is a natural practice.

     An environment of high expectations where positive standards are met.

     A campus with a common purpose, goals, and outcomes.

     A campus truly committed to quality teaching and learning.

    “College Ready, College Connected, College Complete”


School Hours

  • Students: Start 8:00 AM - End 3:25 PM
    Teachers: Start 7:55 AM - End 4:10 PM

Contact Us

  • P: 956-784-8500

    1000 W. Dicker Rd., Pharr, TX 78577