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Virtual Learning

  • You may hear this instructional delivery model also called “remote learning” or “remote instruction.” All these terms are the same. Students will engage with their teachers and fellow students in online learning environments. Students and staff will attend meetings virtually. 

    Students will have at-home schedules to follow, attendance check-ins, and are responsible for checking in remotely each day, turning in their assignments, and connecting with their teachers. 

    Teachers will be available during regular school hours and will have scheduled online office hours for each class. Additional support is available through a hotline.  Virtual Leaning IS NOT Optional Schoolwork. Students are expected to attend and work as if they were in the presence of the teacher, and attendance and work expectations are the same.

  • Parent Resources

    Parent Resources

    Recursos para Padres de Familia

  • Middle School


    6th to 8th Grade

  • Free Online Sources

    Free Online Sources

    Recursos Gratis en Línea

  • High School


    9th to 12th Grade

  • Help Desk


    Ayuda Virtual

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will my child be required to attend class at a certain time?