• 2013-2014 Lesson Plans

    For classes that meet every day, use the “Lesson Plan A” template below. Turn in your lesson plans to your Dept Head every Monday, starting August 26, 2013.

    For classes that meet every other day, use the “Lesson Plan B” template below. Turn in your lesson plans to your Dept Head every other Monday, starting August 26, 2013.

    For information regarding the ELP Standards assigned to the Literacy Activities on the 2013-2014 Lesson Plan A and B templates, refer to the “Literacy Activity ELP Standards” pdf below.

    2013-2014 Parent Contact Log Instructions:

    All teachers will need to fill-out and print the “Parent Contact Log Rubric” below and submit with their parent contact log. It has been updated to include the new rating system and due dates.

    Teachers have the option to complete the electronic “Parent Contact Log” below in place of the written “Parent Contact Log” booklets that were placed in the teacher boxes. Either one of the two are acceptable and are the only two versions of Parent Contact logs that will be accepted.
    “Parent Contact Log 1st Page” (electronic version):

    Contacts should be recorded as they are completed (chronological order).
    On or before the due date - print, sign, date and turn in to your assigned appraiser.
    If subsequent pages are needed, use the "Parent Contact Log 2nd Page, if needed" file below.
    All steps for the "Parent Contact Log 1st Page" need to be repeated for each due date.
    a. To ensure consistency, only the items available in the drop-down menus have been approved by ALL appraisers.
    b. All written “Correspondence” need to be attached to your Parent Contact Log and must include personalized comments from the teacher and a written response from the parent (not just a signature).
    c. The “Contact” column (before Date and Time) is to specify the number of times you have visited or spoken to that child’s parent throughout the year, NOT to specify unsuccessful attempts to communicate with a student’s parent. Each conversation (via phone call, email, conference, or written correspondence) should be entered separately according to the date they occurred and numbered accordingly in the “contact” column.

    Please note: 200 contacts have the same rating as 25 contacts. Focus on being intentional with your contacts; quality over quantity.