About e-Learning

  • PSJA Southwest Early College High School offers support for our students to learn online virtually from home.  All classes for high school credit are offered via Google Classroom, while online classes for college credit are offered via Blackboard.  Students can choose to participate in synchronous or asynchronous instruction.  

    What is synchronous learning?

    During synchronous learning, students sign-in to their scheduled classes at designated times virtually for live interactive lessons with their teacher and classmates. This method of instruction is offered Monday through Friday, 8:30am to 4:10pm based on your child's individual schedule.  This is the method of learning that we recommend for all students to follow, as it gives them the closest experience to live in-person learning. 


    What is asynchronous learning?

    During asynchronous learning, students learn at their own pace and don’t have to attend classes during designated meeting times. This method of instruction is offered daily and is recommended for students with extenuating circumstances that prevent them from attending all their classes during the day. Students who are learning asynchronously must still attend classes daily by signing-in to each of their online classes before midnight.   

    It is important to remember that whether a student is participating in synchronous or asynchronous learning, daily attendance is still mandatory and the completion of all required assignments with a passing grade is necessary to obtain credit.  Students who do not complete required assignments with a passing grade will fail the class and students who do not participate in at least 90% of the days that a course is offered will have their credit withheld with an NG until the days missed are made-up through summer school or a similar option.

    Students who are struggling are encouraged to contact their teacher, counselor or administrator for assistance.