Head Counselor: Alpha (A-Chapa, Z)                            Alpha (Chaparro-Garcia, J)

    Haydee Bonilla                                                   Claira Rodriguez 

                       H Bonilla                                         C. Rodriguez                      

    email: astrid.lazo@psjaisd.us Ext:6110                    email: clara.rodriguez@psjaisd.us  Ext: 6007


    Alpha (Garcia,K - Ibarra, Z)                               Alpha (Iglesias-Montemayor Z)

                                         Marcela Barron                                                            Vicky Luebanos                                         

    M Barron                                                                             

                                                       email: marcela.barron@psjaisd.us Ext: 6012                           email: vicky.luebanos@psjaisd.us  Ext: 6010                                                                  


    Alpha ( Montes - Ramirez, L)                                              Alpha ( Ramirez, M- Sandoval Z)  

    Koren James                                                                  Melissa Sanchez

                                                                                               M Sanchez  

                                                                                              email: melissa.sanchez@psjaisd.us  Ext: 6008 

    Alpha ( Sane - Z)

    Samantha Zavala 

     S ZAvala

       email: samantha.zavala@psjaisd.us Ext: 6009


    Migrant Counselor 

    Roel Tovar

    email: roel.tovar@psjaisd.us  Ext: 6013

    Financial Aid Officer  

    Rickey Banda

    email: rickey.banda@psjaisd.us Ext: 6087

    Counselor Secretary 

    Mary Leon

    email: mary.leon@psjaisd.us Ext: 6006




    Our 2019-2020 Counselor Cafe is a monthly initiative designd to privode a casual environment for parents and counselors to get together and engage in discuassions related to what our students are going through. Be sure to mark your calendars and enjoy our monthly topic that will be presented with time set aside for questions and answers.

    counselor cafe



    Tutorig will take place from 4:15-5:15 Monday-Thursday and 8:00-12:00 on Saturdays. Students are required 8 consecutiive hours of TSI tutoring , your picture ID, your A number , and your TAA certificate in order to take any TSI Test. Go to C116 for a copy of your TAA certificate prior to takng your TSI test. 



    We know you’re ready for college—your academic track record has proven that. Now it’s time to apply. Here are some tips on how to get started.

    Want to know if you're on the right track in the college application process? Below are links to the college application process for each grade level along with a step by step checklist on what you should be doing when planning for college.  

                        Apply for College: College Application Checklist  College Application Timeline

       College Planning for 12th grade    College Planning 12th grade checklist   

    College Planning for 11th grade   College Planning 11th grade checklist 

    College Planning 9th & 10th grade    College Planning 9th & 10th grade 


    rotary students of the month

    Congratulations to our Rotary Students of the Month 

    September -  Arnulfo Salvador Leal & Claudia Renee Quintana

    October - Gilberto Saenz & Leonela Amauri Blanco Castillo

    November - Felix Daniel Diaz-Gomez & Caitlin Alyssa Hernandez

    December- Devon Alexander De Leon & Victoria Elizabeth De La Cerda Salazar