Message from Superintendent Dr. King

  • June 4, 2018
    Teachers and Staff:
    Your campus voted in support of proceeding with EmpowerED!.  I committed to presenting those campuses who voted in favor to the Board of Trustees for consideration with the goal of presenting the EmpowerED! model to the Texas Education Agency for approval and funding.  However, due to the substantial majority of teachers and campuses district-wide that voted against proceeding and the limited number of teachers and campuses that supported moving forward, the School Board President has asked me to not place the proposal on the agenda and simply let the matter die.  I promised to give our teachers voice and first say on this and our teachers spoke loud and clear.
    Therefore, EmpowerED! will not be presented to the Board, nor will it be presented to TEA for consideration.  Thank you for taking the interest and time to discuss and vote on the proposal, and for your willingness to move forward.  While we will not proceed, it is my hope that this discussion in PSJA and this entire experience will inform state level policy makers in the months and years to come.  I believe that the answer to school improvement lies not in campus takeovers, but in the local community and the educators at the campus and district level taking ownership as a team.  I also believe that equity in funding of schools is a critical issue of social justice and state responsibility.  While I had hoped to exemplify this through this proposal, I understand that most of our teachers did not see SB 1882 as the appropriate lens through which to pilot this.  I fully understand the mistrust that is based on how some charter systems and campuses operate.  I know that here in PSJA we will be continuing to learn from this, as we seek to move towards increased goal focused and student achievement oriented participatory decision making.
    Enjoy your summer as we prepare for an exciting 2018-19 school year in PSJA!
    Daniel King

    cc: Board of Trustees