• Sports medicine
     Mission Statement :

    Southwest H.S. Athletic Training/Sports Medicine team is committed to delivering the highest quality health care to all of its student athletes. Key initiatives to assisting the accomplishment of the Athletic Training/Sports Medicine Mission include:

    Continual education of Athletic Trainers in order to utilize the current knowledge, research, and resources in the management of athletic injuries.
    Provide adequate injury care.
    Educate our Athletic Department Coaches and staff about medical limitations of our injured athletes.
    Oversee and educate our student trainers.

    What is an Athletic Trainer:
    Athletic trainers are health care professionals who collaborate with physicians to optimize activity and participation of patients and clients. Athletic training encompasses the prevention, diagnosis and intervention of emergency, acute and chronic medical conditions involving impairment, functional limitations and disabilities. Areas of expertise of accredited athletic trainers include Risk Management and Injury Prevention, Pathology of Injuries and Illnesses, Orthopedic Clinical Examination and Assessment, Medical Conditions and Disabilities, Acute Care of Injuries and Illnesses, Therapeutic Modalities, Conditioning and Rehabilitative Exercises, Pharmacology and Psychosocial Intervention and Referral, Nutritional Aspects of Injuries and Illnesses and Healthcare Administration.