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High-Potential Identification & Development in PSJA: FAQs

At PSJA ISD, our mission is clear – to ensure every PSJA Student is prepared to participate, compete, and excel in a global society to foster multigenerational prosperity. As Leaders in Education we recognize that one of the key levers to accomplishing this goal – is the commitment we make toward the leadership growth of our staff.  With that in mind, we aim to see that every PSJA ISD student at every campus – is led by strong Leader.

It is this reason PSJA ISD, over the past year, has made the investment to use data to:

  • Predict principal vacancies,
  • Identify leaders showing strong potential, and
  • Design targeted development for those leaders who could step into a Principal role with success.

These leaders will be classified as “High Potential” candidates.

Developing High Potential Future Leaders

What does “High Potential” mean?

It means PSJA ISD is identifying a talent pool of Assistant Principals with strong potential leadership qualities that may be “spiking” or exceeding in their current role - and developing in them, the necessary skills and experiences via a targeted development approach needed to pursue a Principalship.
While the system does not guarantee current APs a future position as a Principal, it does provide the necessary skills and developmental training they’ll require to pursue that growth within PSJA ISD Schools.
PSJA ISD has set its sights on building a strong Principal pipeline measured by: 1consistent observational criteria, 2supported through specified targeted assessments, and 3growing candidates beyond their individual mastery level as Assistant Principals, so that they may be ready aspire for a Principalship.

How will PSJA identify High-Potential APs?

In identifying “High Potential” APs, PSJA ISD will first look at the talent pool of APs who embody “The Spirit of PSJA” ; that is: Building Relationships, Inspiring Action, Demonstrating Expertise, Implementing a Plan, Managing Change, and Championing Solutions.The AP talent pool is then reviewed to meet high evaluation metrics. Following this initial assessment, Principals and Executive Officers will then evaluate the performances of these specific APs in a 1:1 conversation, to identify APs of “high potential” based on their technical skills and leadership experiences.

Assistant Principals identified as strong “High Potential” candidates are reviewed among the following criteria:

  • Must Demonstrate Mastery of role specific behaviors
  • Shows outstanding performance and ability to perform at the Leader of Campus Level, meaning a rating of 4 in ALL priority competencies
  • Exemplifies Technical Skills with Evidence of Impact
  • And meets most of the necessary Prerequisite Credentials such as:
    • Master’s Degree
    • Valid Teaching and Administrative Certificate
    • 3 years of Teaching Experience
    • 5 years of experience in instructional leadership roles in a school or district level assignment
    • Or 3 years of experience as an AP (preferred)

APs identified as “High Potential” candidates will then be in line to receive Targeted Development aimed to acquire the skills necessary to become ideal candidates for a Leader of Campus role.

What type of Targeted Development will be offered to high potential APs?

All Targeted Development among the “High Potential” APs will primarily concentrate on the attributes of leadership as they pertain to the Leader of Campus role - From early introduction to Principal level responsibilities, to developing specified individual growth plans, receiving on-the-job coaching, and tracking self-progress within the system, with at least 5 dedicated check-ins throughout the year.

These expectations of course - being in addition to the: 1Goal Setting Conversations during evaluations cycle and 2AP Academy Learning sessions, as first experienced during the Leader to Leader pathway.

Upon completion of the system, High Potential APs will be able to demonstrate cognitive skills and capabilities by measuring specific milestones on their progress track, as they continue on their pathway to becoming Strong influential and insightful campus leaders if selected for a position – while simultaneously improving PSJA schools district wide and cultivating positive outcome opportunities for all PSJA ISD students.