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Leadership Development Department

Expanding Your Impact in PSJA: Campus Leadership Pathways

PSJA wants to make sure that every leader at every level can take ownership of their own growth in the district. This document outlines the pre-requisite requirements and key skills needed to successfully move through leadership levels at PSJA campuses. We’ve also identified resources to get you started on your development journey. Reviewing these resources does not guarantee a new position: if you’d like to be considered for a new role, please visit the PSJA Jobs page to apply. 

1. Reflect on your leadership:

Every PSJA employee can exhibit leadership; use the role-specific competencies to think about how to develop in your own role, or if you’re interested, transitioning roles

2. Connect with your manager and colleagues:

As you reflect and work to grow your own leadership, use this as a reference point to connect with your supervisor about your development

3. Explore growth opportunities:

We have identified verified resources to enhance your learning, tailored by level and skill-area.

Instructions for use:

  1. Find your current role on the leadership pathway described here.
  2. Identify the leadership level you aim to grow towards 
  3. Review the key skills-sets and The Spirit of PSJA competencies for your targeted leadership shift, as well as supporting development resources. (Located on the menu bar)
  4. Set goals and record your learning using the Self-Guided Professional Development Tracker

Leadership Pathways and The Spirit of PSJA:



The Spirit of PSJA defines our district’s vision of great leadership and guides how we develop current and future leaders. The Spirit of PSJA outlines four core categories – Positive Engagement, Student-Centered Excellence, Joint Empowerment, and Adaptive Innovation – that make up a leader at PSJA. Each category includes the characteristics and role-specific behaviors every member of our PSJA Family can use to elevate their work and potential as they grow as leaders in their role and within our district. See more about The Spirit of PSJA on the district website here.  

We distinguish between leadership levels to define the key shifts an employee needs to make when moving from one role to another. At every new level, an employee will see a change in what they prioritize, how they spend most of their time, and what skills become most essential. Below is a diagram of how employees expand their campus impact as they progress in their leadership level at PSJA. This document is intended to support you in identifying the development and support you need to level-up your impact.




As you grow in your PSJA staff leadership level, you expand your impact on the campus.  At every level, Leaders receive development and support. All leaders must apply on the PSJA jobs website in order to be considered for a new role. 

“Leader of Self,” “Leader of Others,” “Leader of Leaders,” and “Leader of Campus” are explained in more detail on the following page.