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Pharr-San Juan-Alamo ISD

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Outdoor Learning Classrooms

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Through collaborations with the PSJA Maintenance Department and partnerships with Urban Refuge, US Fish & Wildlife, and the cities of Pharr, San Juan, and Alamo numerous PSJA ISD schools currently have outdoor learning classrooms, which include butterfly or vegetable gardens and ponds.

Some also have city-school parks and trails. The district's Landscaping/Wildlife Habitat Specialist is also dedicated to help schools learn about and preserve native wildlife habitats. 


PSJA ISD - City School Parks and Outdoor Learning Spaces

1. Dr. Long Special Needs and City/School Park - Pharr

2.  Allen & William Arnold City/School Park - Pharr

3.  Carmen Elementary City/School Park - San Juan

4.  Santos Livas Elementary City/School Park - Alamo

In Progress

  • Cesar Chavez Elementary Outdoor Learning Spaces

  • Cantu Elementary & Drs. Reed Mock Elementary Outdoor Learning Space

  • Alamo Middle Outdoor Learning Space

Outdoor Learning Classrooms

Urban Refuge Partnership with United States Fish & Wildlife and the Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge

  1. McKeever Elementary School- Native habitat

  2. Sorensen Elementary School- Native habitat

  3. Dr. Long Elementary  School- Native habitat

  4. Marcia Garza Elementary School - Butterfly Garden

  5.  LBJ Middle School - Outdoor classroom & pond 

  6. Trevino Elementary School - Pond, 6 Raised beds, 2 butterfly/pollinator gardens

  7. Ford Elementary School - Pond

  8. Clover Elementary School - Pond

  9. Geraldine Palmer Elementary School- Nature Park and west side Mesquite Trails, 8 acres

  10. Graciela Garcia Elementary - Pond, granite trail, 7 raised beds, 3 pollinator gardens.

  11. Cesar Chavez Elementary School - 2 Ponds, 2 granite trails, 14 raised beds, 3 butterfly gardens

  12. Berta Palacios Elementary School- Pond, 12 Raised beds, 2 Butterfly Gardens

  13. Kelly-Pharr Elementary School- Pond, 8 Raised Beds, 2 Pollinator Gardens

  14. Aida Escobar Elementary School- Pond, 9 Raised Beds, 4 Habitat Gardens, Edible Fruit Tree Forest

  15. Allen & William Arnold Elementary School- Pond, 8 Raised Beds, 2 Habitat Gardens, 1 Citrus Grove 

  16. Daniel Ramirez Elementary School- Pond, 4 Raised Beds, 2 Habitat Gardens

  17. Amanda Garza Pena Elementary School- Granite trail, 10 raised beds, 5 Pollinator gardens, proposed outdoor learning spaces with pond 

  18. Drs. Reed & Mock Elementary School- Pond, 8 Raised Beds, 3 Pollinator Gardens 

  19. Augusto Guerra Elementary School- Pond, 10 Raised Beds, Mulch trail, 2 Butterfly Gardens 

  20. Carmen Anaya Elementary School- 6 Raised Beds, 1 Greenhouse, proposed outdoor learning area with pond 

  21. Farias Elementary School - 2 Butterfly Gardens

  22. Buckner Early Head Start - 8 Raised Beds, 1 Butterfly Garden 

  23. PTI House - 1 Pond, 2 Pollinator Gardens, *Staff develops and maintains Salsa Gardens

  24. Buell Central DAEP - 2 Ponds, 3 Pollinator Gardens, 2 in-ground vegetable gardens

  25. PSJA North Early College High School - 2 Habitat Gardens

  26. PSJA Early College High School - 2 Pollinator Gardens - Native Seed Plot with Santa Ana NWR and our Ag Program

  27. PSJA Southwest Early College High School - 2 Habitat Gardens, 4 courtyard raised beds

  28. PSJA Memorial Early College High School - 2 Habitat Gardens

  29. PSJA Thomas Jefferson Early College HS - 3 Habitat Gardens, 7 Raised Beds, proposed outdoor learning space with pond

  30. PSJA Collegiate School of Health Professions - 3 Pollinator gardens, 1 water feature, proposed outdoor learning space with culinary gardens