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Sarah Aguirre

Student Profiles Sarah Aguirre

PSJA North Early College High School, Class of 2023

Plans to Attend: University of Texas at Austin

Major: Nursing

Why: I plan to attend the University of Texas at Austin and major in nursing. I believe that my experience at the University of Texas at Austin will allow me to change the world not only by saving lives through nursing but through kindness as well. I am constantly mindful that kindness is what breeds beauty, so I ordered that to create a beautiful society, you need to be kind to others. I feel that going from a small town to a big city like Austin is really going to benefit me, as I'm open to meeting such a diversity of individuals. Whether I meet someone for 2 minutes or 2 years, I hope to make an impact in their life, just as I know they will in mine. With each person I meet at UT, I understand that they are either a memory or a lesson. So, during my time at the University of Texas in Austin, I will make an effort to treat everyone with compassion. Following my college degree, I intend to pursue a career where I can positively impact the lives of those around me and travel worldwide in order to learn and comprehend various cultures. I feel that UT-Austin will provide me with the experience I need to develop and understand how to approach others. I plan to begin spreading compassion across my campus, and then I prepare to take on the globe. With my future nursing job, I expect to encounter thousands of individuals as I assist patients and with each gain a little bit of their perspectives on life.


⏺ 4X Varsity cheerleader
⏺ 2x UCA All American Cheerleader
⏺ NCA All American cheerleader
⏺ Varsity cheer captain
⏺ Sophomore class president
⏺ Junior class president
⏺ Student council president
⏺ Member of the State One Act
⏺ 2x National Honor Society member
⏺ Hidalgo Cotillion participant
⏺ 2022-2023 PSJA North Homecoming Queen
⏺ Member of the State One Act
⏺ Pledge of Allegiance at the 2023 Pharr State of Address

Tell us your story! What hardships or challenges have you overcome to get to where you are today?

I consider myself to be quite organized. Despite always having a full schedule, I have never allowed it to become chaotic. It was not until senior year that I faced one of my toughest challenges yet. It all started when I saw my name on the PSJA North Instagram page as the 2022–2023 Student Body President. I was beyond thrilled. I had so many ideas for spirit weeks, pep rally themes, and fundraisers that I was eager to start right away. I began the school year in full confidence and was ready to dive head first into my favorite time of the year—football season. Up until more obligations were thrown my way, I had everything under control for the first few weeks. Then in a blink of an eye, I was in charge of planning speeches for games and pep rallies, purchasing gift baskets as a sign of sportsmanship for the opposing team, creating posters, purchasing decorations to spruce up the student section for the game, and preparing the school's morning and afternoon announcements. I also oversaw the varsity cheer squad as we prepared a routine that I choreographed myself, and I always made sure to prioritize my academics. The overwhelming urge to complete everything perfectly was what made the responsibilities difficult for me to manage. I never wanted to admit I was struggling and therefore never asked for help.

Through my presidency, I aimed to win everyone over and show them that they made the right choice in electing me. I wanted to be the perfect president, captain, and student all rolled into one. But this goal became challenging because all of these new responsibilities were outside of my comfort zone and involved leadership as I had never experienced before. My brain was racked with anxiety over the possibility of failure, and this clouded my focus. I discovered that instead of trying to please everyone else, I needed to make decisions that I believed were right. I became more productive once I began making decisions for myself, because I felt more confident in my potential for academic and social success.

I now stand in front of a crowd of thousands of people, though I am not the best public speaker. I now make time for student council, cheer, theater, and academics, though I do not have the best time management.I now organize activities and events for my entire student body, though I am not the best student council president. I now lead my cheer team in the State competition in Dallas, though I'm not the best captain. I now understand that you have to put yourself in uncomfortable positions in order to grow. I now realize that I may not be the best at everything, but I can always be better than I was before.

How have the opportunities offered at PSJA ISD, including the PSJA Early College Program, impacted your life?

PSJA has offered me a tremendous amount of opportunities that have shaped me into the young woman I am today. This tri-city district has empowered me to achieve any goal I desire and pursue excellence. Cheering for PSJA North has been one of my biggest blessings so far. My love for cheer and this district have allowed me to travel to places such as Dallas and San Antonio to support my beloved school. Not to mention the incredible community we have behind us. For instance, this past year, the PSJA North football team was the last standing team in the entire Rio Grande Valley. And as the games progressed, so did the number of fans in the stadium. This was a tremendous example of how our community comes together to show their pride and passion for the students, coaches, and our school. I would look into the stands from the field and see wolverines, javelinas, and bears supporting our Raiders, and that warmed my heart. Throughout my entire academic career in this district, I have only ever been treated with the utmost respect and encouragement from my administration. From elementary to high school, PSJA always made sure I was equipped with top of the line technology, facilities, and resources in order for my academic career to succeed. As a result, I was able to complete both my high school and college degrees in the same calendar year. PSJA has seriously shaped me into a citizen of society that not only my parents can be proud of, but one I am proud of as well. No matter where life takes me after high school, I know in my heart that PSJA has provided me with the ability to conquer the world.

What, if anything, would you say to your PSJA Family?

I would like to encourage my PSJA Family to continue working hard and aiming for greatness. From academics to athletics, PSJA students never cease to astound me. Every year another accomplishment goes under our belt and PSJA schools are being put on the map. I will always consider PSJA to be my home, and I'm hoping to someday give back to my community. None of my accomplishments would have been possible without this wonderful district and I am forever grateful. I am incredibly privileged to be a member of this family, and I look forward to watching our legacy flourish.