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Pharr-San Juan-Alamo ISD

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Ariana Guerrero

PSJA Memorial Early College High School, Class of 2020

Associate Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies from South Texas College 

Plans to Attend: University of Texas
Major: International Relations & Global Relations

What are your goals and aspirations?
Growing up I have struggled financially and personally, but with my parent’s continuous support I am proud of who I have become today. I want to become independent and fulfilled in order to reward my family for their sacrifices in their day to day life. I want to obtain my bachelor’s degree, further my studies into law school, obtain my J.D. degree, and become an immigration attorney. I love America, it is my home, but I strongly believe in the reformation of a faster, more efficient system that considers the sacrifices and achievements of individuals seeking a better future for their families. I want to aid families when they are cornered by fear or hopeless feelings, just like my family has felt before.


Magna Cum Laude South Texas College, Dell Scholars Semi-Finalist, Top 5% in Class, Distinguished Level of Achievements with Collegiate Honors (DLACH), National Honor Society Member, The Monitor Student of the Week, 5A-All-District Academic, PSJA Memorial Soccer Varsity Letters (3), State Playoffs Qualifiers, Division One Rating Pigskin Jubilee Competition, Advanced Placement Program, 956 Sports Magazine, Texas State Initiative Program Complete.

What has the PSJA Early College Program done for you?
The early college program has aided me and the hundreds of other students embarking on their education journey by providing a pathway to overcoming financial instability. Through PSJA’s early college program I have been able to further my studies and gain a broader perspective of life through the rigorous course material and as a scholar by completing my associate's degree while still in high school.  As a first-generation student with my associate's degree, I will transfer my credits to my undergraduate studies at The University of Texas which will save me semesters and benefit me financially overall. For this not only am I eternally grateful but my entire family is as well.

How do you feel about your experience at PSJA?
Transferring from a new district in middle school, I was surprised with all the opportunities I had firsthand in PSJA. Staring with the early college program in PSJA, that offers a free higher education to students, I did not have the opportunity before I attended. I am glad I did since I have had such fun and unforgettable experiences all through junior high and high school. I am grateful I had the opportunity to be welcomed and be part of such professional and competitive educational, fine arts, and athletic programs. The amount of heart and time our administrators, counselors, coaches, and educators put into our programs is unique and reassuring as a student.

What would you say to your PSJA Family?
Thank you! Thank you PSJA family for receiving me with open arms and helping me grow as not only a student but as an individual. You have made my educational and recreational experiences unique, and I could not picture it any other way. You have instilled growth and perseverance in me through the various support programs, such as the PSJA Institutes and the passionate educators at my campus who have supported me through adversity. Your traditions and success will forever be engraved in my heart, and I hope to come back one day and give back to you for all your support. I know the district will keep growing and instilling education to our future generations, which makes me forever proud to be a part of this family.