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Lizbeth Cedillo

Lizbeth Cedillo

PSJA T. Jefferson T-STEM Early College High School, Class of 2019

Associate Degree in Mathematics from South Texas College 

Plans to Attend: Oral Robert's University
Major: Mechanical Engineering

Principals Award; President of Student Council, Vice-President of Sociedad Honoria, RGV Lead Student Ambassador, National Honor Society, President of FRC Robotics, Book Club President, Art VASE Competition

What are your goals and aspirations?
I plan to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree and study Mechanical Engineering and later on Bible Studies. I hope to be able to build and design robots. Our world is constantly changing around us, technology is advancing at an increasing rate. I am choosing to go into this career because it fascinates me how a human can create something that is so complex yet so helpful. Ever since elementary school when I joined the robotics team, the simple fact that a young child like me could create a moving functioning robot and be able to control it amazed me. Years later, it has become my passion. Many people see robots as a replacement for humans, but the way I see it is that robots are made to help humans do things that we may not be able to do. I want robots in a way to become man’s new best friend. I want to come back to my community and use my expertise to influence and help students at PSJA ISD. I can see myself coming back to T-STEM as a FIRST Robotics Mentor. The reason for this is because I have been in FIRST robotics since 4th grade at different levels. When I entered T-STEM, I joined the FRC Robotics Team 3029 and I have learned so many things that I wish to teach others who are also interested in a future career in robotics. I hope to teach them things like teamwork, time management, building a robot, electrical systems, and following your passion.

Principals Award; President of Student Council, Vice-President of Sociedad Honoria, RGV Lead Student Ambassador, National Honor Society, President of FRC Robotics, Book Club President, Art VASE Competition

How was your Early College experience?
Being part of the PSJA district for the past 14 years has been a blessing. I appreciate how PSJA cares and focuses on preparing all of us to be “college ready, connected, and complete”. PSJA has helped me grow as a person and to realize that there is more out there. This is just the beginning to something greater waiting for us after high school. I would not trade my experience at PSJA for anything because it is a part of who I am today. I will take everything I have learned while at PSJA and use it toward my future.

What has Early College done for you?
Being a part of PSJA’s Early College High School program has done many things not only for my academic, but personal life as well. Academically, it has allowed me to work on my Associate’s Degree while receiving the first-hand experience of college life. It has also enhanced my time management skills by juggling both high school and college classes. I am proud to have graduated debt-free from South Texas College with an Associate’s Degree in Mathematics in the fall of 2018. Personally, I am grateful that my family has not had to worry about covering the cost of my first two years of college. Ultimately, PSJA’s Early College High School program has allowed me to see education from a different perspective. I used to see school as an obligation to pass and graduate, but now I see how it has led me to think about my future and the things I want to accomplish in life.

What would you say to your PSJA Family?
To my PSJA family, I have one thing to say... Thank you! These two words truly represent the gratitude I feel for everything that I have accomplished thanks to PSJA. From the three different elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school I attended the past 14 years at PSJA, all of it led up to this point where I am graduating from PSJA. But it doesn't mean it is the end. It is a new beginning and it's all due to everyone that is part of the PSJA family from the board members, central office, my teachers, administration, custodians, students, and more. To everyone part of PSJA, thank you! I am and will forever be thankful.

What would be your message for underclassmen?
I would advise underclassmen to manage their time and take advantage of all the opportunities that PSJA offers. Procrastination is something many individuals struggle with, but if they can learn to manage their time, things will seem less stressful and more accomplishable. Keeping a planner or creating a schedule will help make everything one has to juggle easier to get done. Participating in PSJA’s Early College program and other programs the PSJA district and individual schools offer is a plus.