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Astrid Rosales

Astrid Rosales

PSJA Memorial Early College High School, Class of 2016

Associate Degree in Interdisciplinary from South Texas College

Plans to Attend: University of Texas Rio Grande Valley
Major: Communication Disorders

Theatre Arts / National Honor Society / Student Council / Yearbook

What are your goals and aspirations?
Being a part of PSJA Memorial’s Theatre program, I’ve realized how essential it is to communicate effectively and the importance of team work. Taking part in various performances and workshops for the youth, I came to the conclusion that helping and working with others is something I want to do. My primary intent is to graduate with honors and recognitions. I strive to finish a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Disorders at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley then transfer to the University of Texas at Austin to complete a Master’s Degree. By becoming a communications major, I know I’ll be able to have a positive impact in many people’s lives and that is my number one objective.  

Bright Summer Reader 2008; 5th Place in Destination Imagination; Prom Queen 2012; 3rd place Freshman One Act 2013; One Act Play Honorable Mention at Area 2014; One Act Play Regional Qualifier 2014; One Act Play State Qualifier 2015; and 7th place Duet TFA 2015.

How was your Early College experience?
I have been part of PSJA ISD since Elementary and I can honestly say it has been an absolutely amazing experience. I have grown so much over the past fourteen years, the PSJA staff and administrators have been there every step of the way. Not only is the best education offered in this school district, but extracurricular and other programs are supported greatly. A school district that pushes academics, but is also successful in sports, fine arts and other departments is not something seen commonly. I will always be grateful to be a part of PSJA ISD due to the fact that now I am fully prepared to go out into college and proudly state that I grew up surrounded by the best educational opportunities, great resources and remarkable people.

What would you say to your PSJA Family and loved ones?
PSJA is filled with such a variety of personalities and characters, and the amazing part is that you get the opportunity to learn something from each and everyone of those people encountered. I am deeply grateful I’ve had the pleasure to share the best years of my life surrounded by such great staff, administration and students. To those who are merely starting their own journey, I only suggest to enjoy the wonders of being a student, but most importantly, realize how extraordinary it is to be part of such a caring and helpful school district such as PSJA ISD.

What would be your message for underclassmen?
The best thing I’ve learned throughout the years is that no one is going to be walking you by the hand. Of course, teachers and counselors are always going to be there for guidance, but in order to achieve your own goals it is important to take a stand and become independent. As an Early College student at PSJA, it is crucial to take control and make sure you're taking the necessary classes per semester. Ultimately, being responsible will get you through high school very easily, but of course, academics isn't the only thing that should matter. Joining extracurricular activities is a must! Being part of different organizations will make your high school experience extremely fun and memorable, that is a huge part of growing up, to have incredible memories with your PSJA family.