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Pharr-San Juan-Alamo ISD

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Bring your own device BYOD

PSJA ISD allows students onto the PSJA network to help facilitate learning opportunities between teachers and students. Utilizing personal devices for students is at the discretion of the campus administration and teachers as it pertains to the curriculum and how the devices can be utilized for learning opportunities throughout the school year. BYOD wireless services are available at all campuses and district facilities. 

Considerations before bringing your device

  • Students may not use their personal mobile device inside or outside the classroom in a way that disrupts the educational environment, violates the rights of others, or invades the privacy of others, including but not limited to using the device to cheat, to violate school conduct rules, to harass or bully students or staff, or for unlawful purposes.

  • District/campus technology staff will not provide any assistance to personal devices outside of connecting to PSJA BYOD network.
  • Users connecting to the PSJA BYOD network understands that all network traffic is monitored and trying to access materials prohibited by the districts Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) will result in disciplinary measures.

  • Wireless service is the only allowed means for utilizing internet services. Connecting BYOD devices such as laptops via a patch cable is strictly prohibited.

  • PSJA ISD is not responsible for theft, loss, or damage to any personal mobile device or to the content on the device while at PSJA ISD or connected to the PSJA BYOD network. PSJA ISD is not responsible for any monetary charges that may occur while the student is using the device.

  • The district reserves the right to revoke any users access to the PSJA BYOD network without given cause.

Approved devices to bring

The following devices are only allowed on the PSJA BYOD wireless network:

  1. Laptops (any brand)
  2. Chromebooks / Chrome devices / tablets
  3. Tablet devices (Apple iPads, iPods)
  4. Cellular devices (Andriod, Apple)

**Personal gaming devices and iOT (Internet of Things) devices are not allowed.

Minimum requirements for BYOD devices

  1. Wireless devices must support 802.1x authentication
  2. Operating systems : Windows 8, Windows 10, ChromeOS, Apple MacOS, Apple iOS
  3. Antivirus must be installed and current with definitions
  4. Age of the equipment cannot be older than the year 2013

How to connect your personal device

Before connecting to the PSJA-BYOD wireless network you will need to know your PSJA student credentials (username & password). If you don't know this information, ask your Campus Instructional Technologist, Lab manager or librarian. All teachers can look up your username straight from Teacher Access Center.  

Use the steps below to jump onto the PSJA-BYOD wireless network.

Look for the PSJA-BYOD wireless network on your device and then follow the appropriate steps with regards to your device type (Android or Apple).

Android devices

Match the wireless setting of your device as displayed below.

Android settings

Enter your PSJA username and password and connect.

Andriod credentials

Apple devices

Enter your username and password. Select Join.

Apple username

Upon successful authentication of your username and password, trust the certificate and you will connect.

Apple certificate