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What is a LPC Licensed Professional Counselor

What is a LPC? ( Licensed Professional Counselor)

  • A Texas licensed professional counselor (LPC) is a mental health professional who provides therapeutic services to individuals that involve mental health and human development. LPCs must possess a master’s degree in counseling and have completed 3,000 hours of supervised experience.​​

  • LPCs treat students with mental, emotional, or behavioral disorders.  This process includes utilizing assessments and evaluations to establish treatment goals and objectives; implement and evaluate treatment plans using counseling interventions.​

  • LPCs identify and assist students, families, and school systems in overcoming barriers that interfere with learning. 

LPC Roles & Responsibilities

  • Provide counseling by encouraging students to express their emotions/feelings and discuss any challenges they are experiencing.  Counseling sessions in grief, anger management, bullying, divorce, self-image, suicidal ideations etc.​
  • Conduct assessments of students and families with the goal of improving student social emotional, behavioral, and academic outcomes. ​
  • Provides consultation to school personnel, parents, and community partners for the purpose of enhancing their understanding of student needs, developing interventions and building school capacity. ​
  • Assist by making a referral which means determining the advisability of referral to other specialists and informing the student and parent/guardian.  (Psychiatrist, LSSP)​
  • Develop and provide staff development in the areas of mental health, trauma informed practices, Social Emotional Learning, Covid Stress, Effective Communication etc. ​​