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What is a Licensed Specialist in School Psychologist LSSP

  • A Licensed Specialist in School Psychology (LSSP) is licensed by the Texas Board of examiners of Psychologists possessing at least a specialist master's degree (60+ credit hours) with advanced graduate preparation in both psychology and education. LSSPs undergo a year of full-time internship and supervision under a licensed psychologist.​
  • LSSPs are school mental health professionals trained in child psychology, learning, and development as well as school systems and classroom environments. LSSPs are specially trained to link mental health to learning and behavior.  ​
  • LSSPs provide school-wide professional development services (virtual/webinars) as needed in the areas of mental health and behavioral supports. ​
  • LSSPs partner with families, teachers, and school administrators to create safe, healthy, and supportive learning environments that strengthen connections between home, school, and the community. ​

LSSP Roles & Responsibilities​

  • LSSPs provide formal consultation to teachers, parents, and other school personnel to develop understanding of student behavior and/or teacher needs rendering appropriate, relevant, and evidence-based interventions that help social, emotional, and learning capacity of students.​
  • LSSPs conduct psychological evaluations providing an in-depth report of student's social and emotional well-being with the goal of generating individualized recommendations to parents, teachers, and other stakeholders. (e.g., informal and formal information from behavior scales, and/or intellectual ability scales will be utilized)​
  • LSSPs provide counseling to encourage students to express their emotions and to provide a safe environment where students feel comfortable in discussing any challenges they experience to develop effective coping skills and an overall positive education experience.​
  • LSSPs provide staff development in school mental health, behavior management, social-emotional learning, stress and resilience during COVID-19, etc.​
  • LSSPs conduct referrals for students needing services of other specialists and informing the student and parent/guardian (e.g., psychiatrist, WRS, outside agencies).​