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Pharr-San Juan-Alamo ISD

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Dual Language Enrichment Program

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What is the PSJA Dual Language Program?

First started in 1995, our PSJA Dual Language Enrichment Program is an academic experience designed for students to develop stronger cognitive and academic skills through the development of on-level bilingualism and biliteracy.

Through a rigorous curriculum, students who participate in the program are academically instructed in English and Spanish, from Pre-Kinder to 12th grade. As a result, students have the opportunity to master both languages and enhance their education by developing the ability to fluently speak, read, write, and think critically in English and Spanish, which allows them to compete successfully in a global economy.

Currently there are more than 14,000 elementary, middle school, and high school students in the Program.

ALL Students Can Master 2 Languages
(Graduate Bilingual & Biliterate)

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Olivia Martinez, Director

Phone: (956) 354-2000
Fax: (956) 354-3031

Address: 715 S. Standard Str., San Juan, 78589

Frequently Asked Questions

PSJA ISD selected to pilot new statewide Dual Language initiative 

As a pioneer of dual language education, PSJA ISD is proud to be among few school districts selected to be part of the first-ever statewide Dual Language initiative, Texas Effective Dual Language Framework, first launched during the 2021-2022 school year by the Texas Education Agency (TEA).

The key goals of the new statewide dual language initiative include increasing effectiveness, increasing the number of dual language Pre-Kinder through 12th grade programs across the state, and reflecting on student outcomes of biliteracy, bilingualism, academic achievement in both languages and social cultural competence growth.

In the RGV, most school districts offer dual language mostly up to middle school, but at PSJA ISD our program is available all the way through high school to make sure students continue to develop cognitively, linguistically, and academically in both languages. Another aspect of our program is the social cultural component to really help our students understand their roots, identity, language and history and why it’s important, - PSJA Dual Language Director Olivia Martinez.