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Gain a Competitive Edge in the Workforce

PSJA Career & Technical Education Program, in collaboration with our post-secondary partners, provides students with certification in more than 12 areas of study and is a great foundation for students to acquire knowledge and skills in the field of their choice. Learn about the systems PSJA ISD has in place to make sure that students interested in high demand, high-wage jobs, walk away with the skills and the required certifications to be job ready.


All Means All: Connecting the Most Challenging Students to College

Pathways Toward Independence (PTI)/LIFE House Program promotes the continued development of vocational training skills and/or functional independent living skills to assist special needs students in becoming emergent adults in the community. Students develop employability skills and access post-secondary education while receiving continuing education certificates through South Texas College. The Buell DAEP Program focuses on redirecting and providing students with opportunities to gain invaluable skills through project-based learning projects focused on sustainability and conservation efforts. Come and learn how these programs are motivating students to practice higher-level critical thinking skills through meaningful learning experiences.

Establishing and Scaling ECHS

Sessions include the basic ECHS implementation in Texas, and lessons learned in scaling the early college model and systemically working to have (All Students: College Ready.Connected.Complete. ™). We will be sharing best practices and innovative designs for providing every single student the opportunity to earn at least 12 college hours by high school graduation, with an emphasis on earning an Associate Degree or two-years of college while completing core coursework.


Back-on-Track to College

PSJA ISD has taken a specific approach to ensure that our young people who have fallen off-track not only reengage for high school graduation, but that they prepare for and transition to a post-secondary education. Come learn about the structures and strategies that have made PSJA ISD a top performer in high school completion rates, and show promise for impacting college completion for high school dropout and at-risk students.


Academic Rigor for College Success

It is PSJA’s mission to provide comprehensive, quality instructional programs that help connect every student to college and/or the career of their choice. PSJA’s Dual Language Enrichment Program is one of the rigorous programs designed to develop stronger cognitive and academic skills through the development of bilingualism and biliteracy. Hear how PSJA is implementing the best instructional practices into the curriculum to better prepare our students for post-secondary education.