• Melanie Gonzalez

    Melanie Gonzalez

    PSJA Collegiate High School Program, Class of 2023

    Plans to Attend: University of Texas at Austin

    Major: Journalism

    Why: I plan to attend the University of Texas at Austin. If you asked me four years ago where I wanted to go, I said I did not know. I could not figure out what I wanted to do with my life or where I wanted to pursue higher education. When I heard of the University of Texas, I hesitated to pick it. The campus is known for its large size, and I take time to adjust to larger environments. I like the idea of going because I want to grow. The campus environment will allow me to learn more about myself and other cultures. The moment I fell in love with the University of Texas was when I discovered the Moody College of Communication. I want to pursue journalism, and UT has an outstanding program I trust to take me far into the field. With their program, I plan to learn how to write professionally and tell the world the stories that they deserve to hear.


    ⏺ All A Honor Roll (2019-2023)
    ⏺ STC President's Honor Roll (2022)
    ⏺ Student of the Six Weeks (2022)
    ⏺ Bright Summer Reader (2022)
    ⏺ Associate of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies (2022)
    ⏺ National Honor Society Vice-President (2022-2023)
    ⏺ TASC District 16 Public Relations Officer (2022-2023)
    ⏺ Yearbook Copyeditor (2022-2023)
    ⏺ A.R Millionaire (2021-2022)
    ⏺ RGV Lead Student Ambassador (2020-2023)

    Tell us your story! What hardships or challenges have you overcome to get to where you are today?

    When I was younger, it took me a while to start talking, since my parents were the only people I trusted. I could not go anywhere without my parents because I was frightened of everything. At school, the same habits stuck. I did not have many friends and often depended on my teachers. I did not talk in class and tended to stay quiet. I cried often and was terrified to do anything. My anxiety worsened, and I had no way of conveying my troubles. When I started high school, I decided to change things. I had to stop fearing things if I wanted to become a stronger person. I joined the student council, started to speak at school events, sang at church, volunteered, and worked harder academically. If I wanted to gain confidence, I had to believe in myself. My ability to come out of my shell allowed me to find a passion for journalism. I know journalism consists of talking to multiple people, but I’ve learned that if I could break out of my shell, I could do what I set my mind to do. It’s like history; I learned from the past to help do the same thing better in the future. My journey with my anxiety is like a history lesson; I will carry it with me forever.

    How have the opportunities offered at PSJA ISD, including the PSJA Early College Program, impacted your life?

    I have been a part of PSJA ISD since I was in Pre-K, and to say I have been thankful for everything they have offered me would be an understatement. PSJA has allowed me to learn about various fields while participating in different passions. I have tried many extracurriculars, seen professionals at work, and made connections with a remarkable community. Their Early College Program has graciously allowed me to take my basics before college and go straight to the coursework relating to my major. Not only will I get a head start in college, but I can save money for my parents' sake. My parents never got the chance to finish college, so doing it for them means the world to me. I could not have been where I am today without PSJA, and for that, I will never stop giving my complete support.

    What, if anything, would you say to your PSJA Family?

    PSJA Family is just that, a family. This August, I had the opportunity to sing the National Anthem in front of the PSJA Family. Although I was nervous, being surrounded by caring and dedicated PSJA employees gave me the confidence to perform. I had never felt so accepted. I felt part of the family. I want to thank every teacher, counselor, administrator, and friend I have had these past 14 years for everything. You are all a part of me and will be until the end of time. I remember every one of you and the impact you had on my life. I can not wait to show you what I can do because of your help. To Kelly-Pharr Elementary, Liberty Middle School, and Collegiate School of Health Professions, I cannot stress enough how much you all mean to me. I will never stop visiting to recount the precious memories I made with you all, and I hope to make you all proud.


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