2021-2022 Spirit Award Finalists & Recipients

  • Congratulations to the four recipients of a PSJA Spirit Award! The Spirit of PSJA Awards Recognition Program aims to highlight staff members who go above and beyond representing our district in each of the categories of our district's leadership definition.
    Hundreds of award nominations for each of the four categories (Positive Engagement, Student-Centered Excellence, Joint Empowerment, Adaptive Innovation) were anonymously submitted by their peers or colleagues throughout the year and ultimately reviewed and submitted by campus Principal/Directors.

    From those nominees, a committee comprised of district administrators selected the top four to represent each category as Finalists through a complete blind selection with names, locations, and titles redacted to ensure a fair process.

    PSJA Superintendent Dr. Jorge L. Arredondo presented the 16 2022 Spirit of PSJA Finalists with a special gift and announced this year's top Spirit Award recipients during the 2022 Welcome Back Staff Convocation.
    Congratulations to the 2021-2022 Spirit of PSJA Award Districtwide Finalists & Recipients:

    Positive Engagement Finalists

    + Sonny Alcala, Security Guard at Clover Elementary (RECIPIENT)

    + Rachel Ramirez, Art Teacher at Yzaguirre Middle School

    + Raquel Dubernay Guerrero, Conselor at Doedyns Elementary

    + Margarita Garza, Teacher at Ford Elementary


    Student-Centered Excellence
    + Velma Sanchez, Science Lab Teacher at CLover Elementary (RECIPIENT)

    + Dr. Yvonne Gomez, CLL at PSJA T. Jefferson T-STEM ECHS 

    + Sebastian Tijerina, Teacher at Escobar Elementary

    + Diamantina Garcia, Librarian at LBJ Middle School 


    Joint Empowerment

    + Dr. Rudy Trevino, Chief Academic Officer (RECIPIENT)

    + Laura Torres, Assistant Prinicipal at Anaya Elementary

    + Lorena de los Santos, CLL at Ford Elementary

    + Rene Trevino, Assistant Principal at Mckeever Elementary


    Adaptive Innovation

    + Narda Lugo, Librarian at Yzaguirre Middle School (RECIPIENT)

    + Omar Noyola, Computer Lab Manager at Henry Ford Elementary 

    + Lucila Gutierrez, Curriculum Coach at ACTRGV 

    + Adriana Bonilla, Instructional Specialist for PSJA Early Childhood