• Josue Cedillo

    PSJA Collegiate High School Program, Class of 2022

    Associate Degree in Biology from South Texas College 

    Plans to Attend: University of Texas at Austin 

    Major: Biology  

    What are your goals and aspirations? 
    My future goals once I graduate from PSJA would be to pursue higher education and to be on a path for a medical career or political science degree. My lifetime goal are centered in helping those in lower-income areas. I hope to potentially match these two interests and have a meaningful career for my future. I would most definitely be extremely enthusiastic and motivated to give back to PSJA. Because I believe that without PSJA and all the possibilities that I have been presented with, I would not be where I am today. So, giving back to a district that has given me so much would be an honor. Especially to those extraordinary individuals that have made the path easier for me. Recognizing that the future that has been bestowed before me is now much easier to walk through, thanks to them. 


    •  National AP Scholar – (2021) 
    •  BPA State Qualifier Integrated Office Applications – (2019, 2020, 2021) 
    •  BPA National Qualifier - Integrated Office Applications – (2021) 
    •  PSJA's Annual Battle of the Books 3rd Place – (2019) 
    •  Outstanding Basic Tax Preparer – (2019) 
    •   Associates in Biology from South Texas College - (2022) 
    •   PSJA Collegiate Student Council - President (2019-2022) 
    •   Texas Association of Student Councils - (2021-2022) 
    •   Business Professionals of America - President (2018-2022) 
    •   Health Occupations Students of America - President (2018-2020) & Vice President (2020-2022) 
    •   National Honor Society - Vice President (2020-2022) 
    •   RGV Lead Student Ambassador - (2018-2022) 


    What has PSJA Early College done for you? 

    Talking to some of my teachers and staff members that have graduated before me, they have told me that they were younger they didn't have the opportunity to graduate from college way before graduating high school. Those stories have inspired me and motivated me to keep pursuing higher education after earning an associate degree from South Texas College. PSJA giving me this opportunity has completely changed my outlook for what the future may hold. By allowing me to earn an Associate Degree while in high school, PSJA ISD has prepared me to be 2 years ahead of the rest of the students that will just barely be entering college. Realizing that few people in the nation have this type of life-changing opportunity has allowed me to be more grateful for all that PSJA ISD has done for me. 

    How do you feel about your experience at PSJA? 

    I have been part of the PSJA family since Pre-Kinder. To this day I don’t think there could have been a better district to earn my education. My overall experience at PSJA has been outstanding! I have been allowed to meet amazing individuals that genuinely care about students’ education. The experiences and opportunities that have come out of attending PSJA have been endless. Being able to help my community through volunteer opportunities, leading clubs, and organizations, and being able to compete at State and even national competitions has been an amazing life-changing experience. Teachers and staff have encouraged me to continue my education and to not stress over the minor details but keep pushing forward and not giving up. 

    What if anything would you say to your PSJA Family? 

    ¡Para mi Familia de PSJA, muchas gracias de todo corazón! From the bottom of my heart, thank you PSJA Family! Thank you for the opportunity to expand my opportunities, knowledge, friendships, and all my academic accomplishments. If it wasn't for your dedicated and continued support, I would not have been here where I am today. Hoping that one day I can be part of the PSJA family that continues to give back to our future generations! As always, stay PSJA Proud and Go Lions!