• AC Requests are to be submitted online through SchoolDude

    Procedures and or recommendations for HVAC requests. Please consider the following when submitting an AC Request:


    • Is the request reasonable?
    • Does it follow District Conservation Efforts? If it doesn’t will it be accepted or denied?

    • Is my HVAC request submitted within (24 hours) time frame before a scheduled event? Phone requests are not permitted.
    • The request should include the following:


    Name of building

    Location eg. Address or Rm. #

    Title of Event



    Number of participants

    Signature of Approval by Principal, Director or Designee as per SchoolDude access list.


    Not all employees have permission to request AC through SchoolDude.

    Please contact your campus secretary or Department of Energy for additional information if needed.


    Need Link https://login.schooldude.com/?